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At SportsMed-Wheaton Orthopaedics, we will work with you to utilize innovative treatments and minimally invasive surgery to get you back feeling well.

Diagnosing Joint Pain

When you visit our clinics, our physicians will assess your presenting medical condition and consider your medical history to better pinpoint what conditions put you at higher risk for specific orthopaedic problems. We will discuss treatment options that will help you re-achieve and maintain an active and energizing lifestyle.

Because there are many reasons for joint pain, our specialists will need to analyze the painful area and conduct tests to properly diagnose the cause. Tests that may be required include:

  • X-rays
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI’s)
  • Ultrasound Imaging
  • Computerized Tomography (CT Scans)

SportsMed-Wheaton Orthopaedics’ has on-site diagnostic radiology with digital x-ray technology at both of our locations. When visiting our Naperville location some x-ray services may be provided through Northwestern Medicine/Central DuPage Hospital. For services provided at the Central DuPage Convenient Care you will receive a separate bill. These services are not billed through SportsMed-Wheaton Orthopaedics. We strongly encourage you to discuss with Central DuPage Hospital your financial responsibility for these services.

Treatments for Joint Pain

Treatment for joint pain can vary depending on the severity of your condition. Some common treatments for joint pain include:

Lifestyle Changes



Physical Therapy

To determine if the right treatment for you, please contact us at 630-665-9155 or request an appointment online with one of our board certified orthopaedic surgeons or podiatric physicians and surgeons.