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Dr. Felske examines a patient's feet

Dr. Felske is so friendly and helpful. She always listens and even takes the time to write down my medicine for me. Every member of the staff at SportsMed-Wheaton Orthopaedics is kind and considerate. I’m very happy I chose them for my foot care!

‐ Carol B. 
Podiatry Patient


Our feet are a critical component to our mobility, health and overall wellness.  They bare the weight and impact of our bodies as we walk, leap, run, dance or kick a ball. In fact, because we so often take them for granted, we’re actually surprised when we have pain or a podiatry issue.

The Podiatric Medicine team at SportsMed-Wheaton Orthopaedics is specifically focused on the well-being of your feet by providing compassionate and technologically advanced medical care in a friendly, faith-based, team environment.

We treat the following disorders or problems of the feet:


Please contact us at 630-665-9155 or make an appointment online with our board certified podiatrist.